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Practice Guru Class 6 - Combo Pack (IMO / NSO / IEO / NCO)
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Practice Guru Class 6 - Combo Pack (IMO / NSO / IEO / NCO)
IMO ??_ CLASS ??_ VI Number Sense, Computation Operations, Fractions, Money, Measurement of Quantity, Length, Weight, Time and Temperature, Geometry, Pictorial Representation, Patterns, Symmetry & Pictorial IEO ??_ CLASS ??_ VI Word and Structure Knowledge, Prepositions, Tenses, Irregular verbs, Pronouns, Modals quantifiers, Spellings, Collocations, Phrasal verbs, Idioms, Homonyms and homophones., Words related to feelings, Travel, Food, Health, appearance, Character, Reading, Search for and retrieve information from various text types like news headlines, Messages, Letters, Understand information given in News reports, Time tables, Messages, Acquire broad understanding of and look for specific information in short texts like messages, menu card, Spoken and Written Expression, Ability to understand situation-based variations in functions like requests, Refusals apologies, The use of conjunctions. NSO ??_ CLASS ??_ VI Mental Ability, Number Sense, Regional and Roman Numerals, Numbers up to Lakhs, Multiples and
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