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Funtoot CBSE - Grade 2 Science School Course Material(User ID-Password)
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Funtoot CBSE - Grade 2 Science School Course Material(User ID-Password)
Every child is unique and so are their learning needs. Funtoot is their new personalized learning coach for curricular Mathematics and Science.One-on-one personal teaching is the oldest and the best way to learn for a child. Funtoot a personalized digital learning coach behaves like an experienced tutor and guides the child through a unique learning journey for higher achievements.Funtoot creates a fun-filled learning path for each child by taking into account his or her interests, aptitude, concept comprehension, topic performance and curricular progress. Like a personal coach funtoot provides real-time assistance based on the childs needs, encouraging learning through self-correction. It also motivates and rewards successful progression keeping the child engaged on the path to higher learning.50000+ Students across schools in India are benefiting from our unique approach combining computing technology, cognitive psychology and pedagogy to create higher learning achievements in every child.Funtoot for Grade
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