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Morpheo Anti Snore Mouthpiece(01)
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Morpheo Anti Snore Mouthpiece(01)
1,Snoring and sleep apnea not only affects your quality of sleep,but also greatly affects your quality of daily life. 2,This Jaw Device provides you with a comfortable, effective and the easiest way to stop snoring or treat positional sleep apnea. 3,It helps you and your partner to have a quality sleep every night and wake up feeling refreshed instead of fatigue. Features of Snore Belt: 1. 100% Brand new and high quality 2. Unique design 3. One size fits all---easy to wear 4. Safe and comfortable-made of high quality durable elastic materials 5. Ideal for Non-specific snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Jaw (TM Joint) dislocation and Jaw Tremor (Psychotic) 6. Suitable for people who used to habitual jaw dislocated Advantage of Snore Belt: 1. Comfortable Soft Touch Neoprene Material2. The Jaw belt has been clinically proven to prevent snoring and increase REM sleep in patients. 3. Providing you better overall health and the best night sleep in years4. Provide the most comfortable and effective anti snore d
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